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Feeding the Spiders

Feeding the spiders...the search engine spiders that is...the necessary elements that they want...ad content, links, and keywords all meld together to make powerful promoting spirits.

So, is it worth it? Is is worth taking the time to give them what they want? It depends on what you want to accomplish. Do you want your websites to get noticed on Google...or, are you satisfied to be on page 50 of the Google search for your website?

If that is making you money, then you really don't care, right?

As for me, I am not making near the money that I want...and I am not

nailing near as many top positions for my websites and my clients websites as I plan on doing...so for me...yeah...its worth a little time to promote my sites...all my sites...to the search engine spiders.

1-Family Classifieds Post free classified ads...no limit...post as often and as many as you like...feed the spiders with your links

Veretekk-Affiliate Leads Income Technologies Learn effective internet marketing systems and internet marketing strategies from the leaders in the network marketing field...free training...free signup...so...what is your excuse now?

The Prendergast Newsletter Read Tom Prendergast's Newsletter...find out cutting edge info on internet marketing and strategies

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etracking How about owning your own personal search engine. Talk about spider food for Google...Here you go spiders...eat 'em up!

FFA Farm How about owning your own personal link exchange...post your links...add your links...submit your links...

Free Ebooks, Free Software Free Software...Free Downloads...Free Outdated Software...Free...Free...Free...

Free Leads for Life Do you want free leads for life...for the life of your online business?

Free Page-Free Website Builder Build a FREE website...free website builder...build unlimited free web pages for FREE

ISP for Free! Get your FREE ISP...signup FREE...training FREE

Leads-O-Matic Post FREE Unlimited Ads Across the Internet...ONLY $10
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Sohomatic FREE Busines Tools...Free Downloads...FREE Tools for Your Online Business

Spam Wars Spam Wars is a major issue...no more spam emails...send the form for your customers...join the fight against spam...

Signup for a FREE Vacation Ready for a vacation...here you go...here's one for free!

Vereconference Signup for a FREE Vereconference Room...Great exposure for your online business...

VereMail Signup for Veremail for FREE...No MORE Spam email...Spam Free Email Delivery...

Veretraking Veretracking...Free Statistical Tracker for you...FREE Signup...FREE Training...

Webcatch Your Own FREE Web Directory...Add your links...spider food links
Increase Your Profit and Effectiveness With the Most Powerful Suite of Marketing Tools Ever Created On The Internet!

Veretekk's Marketing Control Center is a fully integrated suite of cutting edge, state of the art, marketing tools for insuring your online success. This is top of the line marketing automation that is easy to use, easy to afford, and easy to implement. Veretekk also provides live support and training experts 24 hours a day 6 days per week so you are not left alone! Veretekk leads the industry in marketing automation and has been providing instant productivity and control for thousands of savvy marketers since 1998.

Read this page and if you decide a sign up link shall be at the bottom. No where else will you find "real" leading edge marketing technology like you will receive from Inetekk's Veretekk service.

Traffic Portal marketing is one such innovation. While the rest of the industry is still trying to figure out how to effectively build legitimate massive email lists, Inetekk's established email verification system allows the company to pursue loftier markets.


If you're looking for the future in online lead generation, it is through Traffic Portals. In recent years there have been numerous methods for generating business prospects online - including things like FFA pages and bulk emailing. These techniques have proven quite effective for generating large numbers of leads... but times are changing. People have become desensitized to the massive amount of bulk email and SPAM that finds it's way to their mailbox each day. After all, who cares if you have 1 million email addresses if none of the recipients will ever read anything you send to them!

So how are Traffic Portals different?

Simple - because at the heart of it, Traffic Portals allow you to offer something of real value to a prospect. This then allows for an increased level of communication between you and that prospect - setting you further and further apart from the masses of bulk email they receive. Your ability to offer more and more of these valuable services to the prospect continues to widen the gap so that eventually you develop a very strong sphere of influence.

Inetekk has developed a large flotilla of unique, valuable web based services on a large array of subjects and domains. Just as incredible, this large and growing portfolio of Traffic Portals, is easily managed with Inetekk's intuitive management system. Each Traffic Portal is equipped with it's own set of automated advertising and marketing tools too. It is all push button easy and it just gets better. Each Traffic Portal has been designed to have it's own custom type of viral marketing flare.

But, it is the viral nature and potential of Traffic Portals that will allow you to truely explode your business. Veretekk's Traffic Portals are designed so that they are not only valuable to your prospect in a direct way... they compell the prospect to use the service in such a way that they are effetively promoting your Traffic Portals for you! Inetekk coined this online marketing phenomenon as Viral Marketing years ago. Imagine 1,000s of people attracted to you through these Traffic Portals... not only for the direct value potential it offers them... but also for the value they perceive in actually promoting your services to other people. This allows you to turn 1,000s of prospects into promoters for you!

The quality of the leads these Traffic Portals produce is also unique.

Despite having 10s of thousands of Veretekk subscribers, each Veretekk Traffic Portal system produces a steady flow of leads for each subscriber. What does this mean? It means each lead is uniquely targeted to one individual subscriber. Inetekk's privacy policy assures that every lead entered into the system is only paired with one subscriber. A one on one relationship with little if any abuse associated within the Veretekk system.

No other solution comes close to the value, service and price Inetekk delivers. If your serious about building a successful online business, your first priority is an Inetekk subscription. Unfair Advantage? There is nothing unfair about taking your time and doing it right.

Try Veretekk absolutely free! See it in action first, then decide if you want to upgrade. The only true risk free offer. GUARANTEED!

Not just a limited free trial either!. We offer you more value than any other marketing system, PERIOD! I know you hear this everywhere else. Part of the game in this world! Like they say, no one is guilty on death row! Right! Well? Does anyone else offer this collection of tools and marketing systems for FREE for LIFE totally risk free? NO THEY DON'T! In fact nowhere else does anyone have anything even remotely like it. There really isn't anything that I can say that will explain the elegance and effectiveness of Veretekk to you. You have to experience it yourself! It is absolutely free. No obligations whatsoever!

Veretekk is the only company that builds all of this technology on it's own, debt free, million $$$ server farm.

What does that mean for you? Speed and dependability! Since 1997 Veretekk servers have delivered 99.99% of the time. Downtime doesn't happen with Veretekk, so it won't happen to your system. We implement routers, storage facilities, file servers, web servers, ffafarm servers, database servers, firewalls, mail servers, etc. What exactly does all that techno babble mean to you? That you are in good hands with Veretekk. People that care and are there when you need us. We have invested in the infrastructure, so the technology that we have built for you is effective and reliable. That is what all that stuff means!

Veretekk's multi source "sequential driven" autoresponder systems!

If you want to increase sales, studies prove it takes up to seven or more exposures before potential customers make a purchase. With Veretekk's Sequential Driven Autoresponders, your prospects will automatically receive your marketing message.

There are dozens of autoresponder systems on the Internet... but none that are triggered by the actions that your prospects take. Because your prospects (through our innovative verification system) are also engaged in the Veretekk system... your marketing message not only get's guaranteed delivery, your email is tracked, and you know if and when they open it through your own proprietary Veretracking system. All mail is guaranteed spam free and Inetekk proves it every step of the way! This is unique to Veretekk.

Veretekk's unique follow-up system will save you time, increase your conversion rates, keep you well organized, and increase your profits...guaranteed!

  • Create as many follow-up letters as you want.
  • Set the time and date you want each follow-up sent.
  • Automate delivery based on your prospects verification.
  • Send HTML or plain text messages.
  • Fast and verifiable delivery.

Professional Web Tracking analysis with Veretracking:

Veretracking is not a click counter. Click counters are toys compared to the professional analysis you get with Veretekk. All of your Veretekk web sites have this feature. All of your default autoresponders have this feature. Veretracking tells you where the visitor came from, what their IP address is, what browser they are using, how long they visited and shows this data in real time as well as in easy to read bar graphs. But Veretracking also makes code for you to use in any HTML email you send or web page you build anywhere on the Internet. This feature alone sells for $50 - $100 per month elsewhere.

Lead Development and Management:

Premium Leads
The "creme de le creme" of the Veretekk system. Much like a sophisticated dating site, you will discover that this level of lead acquisition from Veretekk delivers like minded exclusive entrepreneurial individuals eager to do business with you! Your Premium Leads Control panel handles all the details. With complete database management ability, contact memos, sequential mailers, reminders, lead transfer to other Veretekk members in your downline, push technology, VOIP rooms and much, much more. Easy push button controls!

Bully Pulpit
Does all your mailings to your entire leads database through our Veremail servers. Choose groups or the entire database. Send HTML, text or sequential sets of letters from our exclusive selection or build your own with your own Sequential Letters Control Panel. Build a newsletter and publish it to your entire database. Veretekk's Veremail assures that you will never suffer from illicit spam complaints.

Bulk eMail
Build huge verified email databases and drive the traffic to your Traffic Portals to increase the rate of Premium leads. Upload up to 10,000 email addresses from your own database and reverify your list into your Bully Pulpit's verified email database for future mailings. Transfer other verified email databases into your system from our exclusive list of strategic lead partners.

The Hammer
Create unlimited ads and store them for future submissions. The Hammer submits 2 billion ads with the simple selection of your ad and the push of a button.

Live VOIP Conferencing
Join our advanced training and learn all the tricks using your Traffic Portals to pour hundreds of Premium Leads into your system.

Lead Generation Websites:

If you want to increase sales, studies prove it takes up to seven or more exposures before potential customers make a purchase. With Veretekk's Sequential Driven Autoresponders, your prospects will automatically receive your marketing message.

Known as Traffic Portals, Veretekk invented this concept in 1996. Since then the rest of the industry still tries to copy us, but fail miserably! Traffic Portals attract entrepreneurial minded professionals who want to do business with you. You will never experiencing rejection with these leads. Veretekk hosts all your Traffic Portals and each Traffic Portal is on it's own unique domain address (Makes it real easy to get them in the search engines.).

Web Catch
The first of our new generation of Traffic Portals! WebCatch is deployed throughout the Internet by leveraging the promotional power of literally thousands of individuals who have each signed up to receive and promote their very own web directory. Each subscriber entusiastically promotes their own WebCatch directory through a multitude of marketing methods so that ultimately WebCatch directories have become visible throughout a myriad of advertisements, free links sites, bullitin boards, ezines, classified ad sites, etc. Each time a new web site submission is made to any of these individual WebCatch directories, the central database expands to include the new submission. Thus, through highly advanced viral marketing techniques, WebCatch is always expanding...
Check it out!

Give away the original 12 million ads Blast-O-Matic. It is the most powerful AD submission system in the world - and best of all, you get to give it away for FREE! No other AD submission service can compare to the "high-tech" service your prospects will receive from Blast-O-Matic. Most companies charge a fee and provide an inferior service! You get to provide top notch service with a great product for FREE!!! Your ads can claim "We dare you to take the challenge of finding a better deal than Blastomatic".


Give away..."Free Leads For Life!" This site is as valuable and has better quality leads than other FFA lead systems like FFAnet, Links2u and others that sell for as much as $50 per month, but you give this away for free. Talk about a Traffic Portal, what POWER! And the Flash for this one will blow you right out of your chair, but then all of Veretekk does that!

Free Mart
Free software... Free ebooks... Free newsletter... Free live seminars...! A class act site ready for promoting the heart of what entreprenuerial webmasters and aspiring webmasters are looking for. Put this lead magnet into a search engine result and watch the mega traffic!

Money Machine
Survey entrance to your Market Center! The Money Machine is a stunning Flash presentation and survey then takes the visitor to your Market Center. This site promotes access into your center and also promotes your free and pay services.

Affiliate Center
Vanity entrance to your Market Center! The address matches your vanity email. Your vanity site is a compelling entrance into the power and source of your Market Center. This site promotes access into your center and also promotes your free and pay services. This is the center attraction of your system!

Give away the world's first self-replicating search engine! This is an extremely viral tool that allows you to generate massive leads directly, as well as indirectly by giving away additional eTracking search engines.

FFA Farm
You get your own FFA system. The FFAfarm is the oldest FFA system on the Internet. You can promote this but it already brings in a huge number of leads. Besides, FFAs are not what Veretekk is all about. But, we keep it around anyway. LOL! FFA linking may be a thing of the past, but.....The FFAFarm is a permanent LINK exchange now and ONE POST EQUALS MILLIONS OF LINKS with VERIFICATION


Veretekk is a process, a journey. Many more Traffic Portals are included with your system and more are being added in an ongoing bases! The Internet is in a constant state of flux. Change drives the engine of Veretekk. You will see that Veretekk delivers to the situations the Internet changes. The core mission of Veretekk never changes though. That being, "Building your sphere of influence!".

Try Veretekk absolutely free! See it in action first, then decide if you want to upgrade. The only true risk free offer. GUARANTEED!

Not just a limited free trial either!. We offer you more value than any other marketing system, PERIOD! I know you hear this everywhere else. Part of the game in this world! Like they say, no one is guilty on death row! Right! Well? Does anyone else offer this collection of tools and marketing systems for FREE for LIFE totally risk free? NO THEY DON'T! In fact nowhere else does anyone have anything even remotely like it. There really isn't anything that I can say that will explain the elegance and effectiveness of Veretekk to you. You have to experience it yourself! It is absolutely free. No obligations whatsoever!

Just clickhere and fill out the simple form. That's it! It is free to join and you can even build a great income with the free system. By the way, the free system really is free and for life! What do you have to lose?


Veretekk marketing is a fantastic way to earn residual monthly income year round but you can promote all your online businesses.

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Captcha Rozpoznávání Google (ReCaptcha-1, ReCaptcha-2), Facebook, Yandex, VKontakte, Captcha Com a více než 8,4 milionu dalších typů!

Četl jste to - to znamená, že to funguje! ;)
Podrobnosti na oficiálních stránkách XEvil.Net, je bezplatná demo verze.


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